About Michael

Michael Alaska

Iconic Greeter, Speaker, Luxury Ambassador, Writer


A lover of words and how we use them to be an effective communicator and storyteller is the passion behind Michael’s website and Instagram.

A self-made man, trailblazer, and world traveler who gained a respected professional reputation within the luxury, TV  Film, hospitality, and motivational industry, and by creating popular talks to influence and uplift others in the positive.

One of Michaels many profesisonal achievments and successes was that of the luxury ambassador for Holt Renfrew store in Vancouver and previously with Gucci where his greetings have become not just memorable but Iconic. For thier creativity, welcoming warmth, positve empact and humour.

In Michaels’s words for the high regard he has for his profession and industry, anyone can say hello but what I do is art. Hence his tagline “The Art of service begins beyond a hello and a smile”.  Welcome to Michael Alaska Inc.


On Boarding ambassador Holt Renfrew Vancouver, VIP events, in store PA announcing 2023

Gucci Hotel Vancouver, guest speaker on hospitality & service 2019

Motivational Talks / Seminars 2012 – 2018 Vancouver, Texas, Toronto

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Michael is always available for side collaborations and talks worldwide. If you and your company would like to connect for more information in booking Michael and to receive our current rates and availability for 2023. Please reach out via this website.