Welcome, Meet Michael

Welcome to Michaels third act, his story in brief…

“The art of service begins beyond a hello and a smile” Michael Alaska

Passionate and highly regarded industry professional within the luxury retail, hospitality, TV /Film, Modeling, VIP events. Recognized by clients, colleagues, peers, and all levels of organizations for a cultivated and refined talents in the art of service, teaching, mentoring and communication talents as a wordsmith, ultimate welcoming host and engaging speaker.

Michael Alaska is a self-made man with a PhD in life skills, an earned worldly wisdom gained from traveling for work and life adventures, with a natural charismatic charm and welcoming humour. Often quoted by many clients and industry professionals as one of kind.

This website is what Michael calls his third act featuring the best in premium services offered, creativity, motivations, and his articles. Currently employed as the heritage brand ambassador and ultimate welcoming host in a self-created role with Holt Renfrew Vancouver and previously with Gucci.