Services Offered

“The art of servcie begind beyond a hello and a smile” Michael Alaska

As Michael’s tag line reads, the art of service truly begins beyond a smile and a hello. Now offering the Best of Best in premium services and as an in demand engaging speaker.

Created and designed by Michael Alaska to enhance and contribute to all of your long-term company and brand intentions, that are 100% in tune with our new now times, challenges, and changes.

The Ultimate Welcoming Host & Promotional Spokes Person

Anyone can say hello, but what Michael Alaska offers and has become known and respected worldwide within the luxury retail and hospitality industries is the unique art of his welcoming, greetings, hosting of VIP events and promotions.

His brand and brand statement now goes hand in hand with all of his professional work within Holt Renfrew, previously with Gucci, JW Marriot, Salon Magazine ABA Trade Shows, luxury products, and other upscale five-star properties.

Consulting & Promotional Advisory

Consulting and empowering the best since 2001. This premium service is now offered and benefiting both, the corporate and private sector. Michaels cultivated business intuitive skills cuts to the chase, not wasting any time once having viewed your portfolio, marketing campaign, products and creative intentions. Solution focussed with an understanding that each individuals passion and business objectives / intentions versus goals, needs a direction that is 100% authentic and right for them.

Engaging Motivational Speaker

“To Teach, To Motivate, To Uplift, To Engage, To Inspire”

A welcoming trained voice that projects energy, warmth and authenticity. Michael will get your professional messages and motivational communication across in a natural and relatable way, be it on an in-store P.A. for special announcements, over the phone, on-screen, one on one in person, an audio file, or a commercial, to inspire any size group, large or small.


“Storyteller, Wordsmith, Script Doctor, Tag Lines, & Marketer”

Michael’s professional services as a Wordsmith Communicator, Creator, and Ideas Man (not an editor) are now offered, be it for a CV polish and well rounded makeover, promotional marketing and or that business or personal letter that needs to be written, that gets your intenion and message heard clearly.

Words have great power. Michael’s writer “voice” that comes through his words in storytelling with a twist to entertain, at times heal, teach, and motivate, are just a few ways to describe his style, enjoyed through his published articles, blogs, and essays.

Voice Actor, Actor & Model

Having earned his professional industry chops and ACTRA union card from the ground up, working with well known fashion photographers and with the Real People modeling agency as an in-demand character model billboards / print out of Toronto, then being offered the coveted role of the Robo Cop Double for the first Robo Cop TV series with Sky Vision Entertainment, lead Michael to cultivating and achieving a welcoming and positive on set trusted professional reputation and status.