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Welcome to our new Services page,

“The art of service begins beyond a hello and a smile” Michael Alaska

The Art Of Service as Michaels tag lines reads and knows there is an Art to it, implies Industry, Beyond Being Memorable, Trust, Worldly, the Best of the Best, Creative, Professional, Results, and Solution-focused.

Clients both corporate and private are now welcome to book and reserve for Michael’s fall /winter and spring 2023 availability, by monthly retainer and or contract, weekly and daily.

Minimum bookings are based on three-hour time frames for all services, excluding that of motivational speaker, TV, writing wordsmith services, and training specialist.

  1. VIP Hosting, Trade Shows & Promotions $35.00 Hourly
  2.  Training Specialist / Engaging Motivational Speaker $90 Hourly / Contract Option Available
  3.  Michaels Art Of Service Seminar & Talks 90 Min $175 /Two Hours $225
  4.  Model / Actor / Voice Actor By Contract Union Rates SAG / ACTRA
  5.  Writer / Wordsmith / Creative Consultanting By Contract

Booking and reserving your service with Michael

Please reach out by Email, once you have gone over all of Michaels’s professional profiles, industry accolades, articles, and service information via our website and or Instagram to assist with your choice of service that would most benefit your programs and company needs at this time.

It is helpful to state in the subject line of your Email which service and engagement you and your company are most interested in, a brief detailed back story, and your intention.

I so look forward to welcoming and connecting with you in the Art of service, Michael

Michael Alaska

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