Truly I am humbled yet remain grateful for the following expressions of praise and gratitude for the work and industry that I love and am passionate about, happy to share a few of  the many that have come my way over the years.

Client Services & Industry Motivator

 “Michael is one of the most genuine and professional people I know. His passion for delivering an exceptional customer service knows no bounds. He is generous in sharing his retail experience in customer service with more junior team members and has gained a professional reputation within the luxury goods and hospitality industry in Vancouver at providing high level Sales and Service coaching and training” Yvonne Hayward, Luxury Retail Store Leadership & Management

Mentoring & Peer Coaching 

“I am one of the few lucky to work in this industry with Michael Alaska. He was my mentor and a friend who truly inspired me with his passion for going above and beyond for customer service. Michael is a professional and he reads people very well, he turns moments into positive memories for his clients. Michael taught me the difference between ordinary and extortionary is the detail we put in that changed me, as a fellow member of Gucci Vancouver” Alexander Seo, Gucci Men’s Style Consultant & VIP Events

Luxury Ambassador & VIP Events

“Michael truly exemplifies the meaning of luxury service, always making clients feel welcomed, valued and like a part of the family. I had the pleasure of working with Michael at Holt Renfrew Vancouver, he inspired me to seize every day with enthusiasm and make lasting connections which he has done for many years. If you’re looking for a host, speaker or collaborator, I highly recomend Michael, he will elevate any event to the next level. Pamela Masuku Giorgio Armani Beauty Specialist Holt Renfrew

Hospitality Specialist / VIP Host

“Having the opportunity to work closely with Michael, you truly get to see the type of individual he is. Michael is the epitome of hospitality. Caring by nature and genuine to a tee. He shines best in his elements surrounded by strangers not afraid to strike up a conversation, offer his services, or assist anyone that needs a hand. Having Michael at Holt Renfrew sets the standards for luxury” Jason Harris National Executive Chef Holts Cafe

Motivational Speaker

“I had the privilege to meet and work with Michael for over two decades. Michael is the definition of ENERGY. His ability to capture the attention of the room is uncanny and he keeps everyone engaged from start to stop. Also, he is funny and inspiring and always leaves his audience large and small with an uplifting message. I would not hesitate to recommend, Michael to anyone looking for a “Wow” keynote speaker”  Liliana Andjic Senior Executive, Strategy & Technology Solutions

Luxury Ambassador & Client Care

“I worked within Holt Renfrew for over three years and every morning I arrived to work, I always was on the hunt to find Michael. His greetings would always make my day. Michaels’s engagement with clients would always be so special and personalized. He took the time to get to know each person who walked into HR, and he made an effort to remember them. Michael goes above and beyond with connection and luxury service. Christina Mongiardo, Store Manager Prada Group New York New York

TV & Film Entertainment Industry

“Michael Alaska was chosen among hundreds of hopefuls for the coveted role of Robo Cop photo double first TV series with Sky Vision Entertainment group out of Toronto / Canada. His on-set dedication to his role, professionalism, humor, positive energy and enthusiasm kept the crew going on many a 17-hour night shoot in the freezing winter. I highly recommend Michael for any position he sets his heart on” Jane Roger, Jane Rogers Casting Toronto, Canada